I am a robotics engineer, programmer and the student robotics team teamleader.

My education:

In parallel with my education I have a large experience of participation in various robotics and programming competitions. The most remarkable ones:

  • RobotChallenge 2018, Beijing (first and third places in PuckCollect category)
  • RobotChallenge 2017, Beijing (second place in PuckCollect category)
  • Robomaticon 2018, Warsaw (first place in PuckCollect category)
  • ACM ICPC (our team two times passed to the semi-final in Saint-Petersburg, Russia)
  • Robofinist (multiple years and categories)
  • Robofest (multiple years and categories)

Of course this is not exhausting list.

You can learn more about our robot projects here.

My contacts:
Email: [email protected]